Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Forget Black Sunday

by Jonas Dogara
I actually been dey plan to talk about another thing but I no fit again. I mean, how person wan begin take laugh for this kind time? After I hear wetin happen on Sunday 3rd June, 2012 na better cold catch me. Especially because I just comot from aeroplane when I hear am and I suppose enter another aeroplane on Monday morning. Ehmm… Moment of Repentance, my guys… but that no be the issue.

The issue be say we done lose over 160 people (people wey been dey inside the aeroplane and the people wey been dey inside the house dem wey the aeroplane jam. We no sure how many people yet. And by the way as wey dey shout about this one, another bomb still kill some people somewhere for Naija that same day o. But make we leave that one first….
My belle begin turn me when I hear say Oga President done order full investigation into the matter. Investigation eh? Another investigation abi? I shake my head and I remember 2005. That no be the the only time wey something like this dey happen to us o. Since after our independence plenty strong things like this done happen to us. But not too long ago for 2005, some very bad ones been happen. That year some plane dem wey dey land for different airports for Naija run comot for runway enter bush! Thank God nobody die for those ones. You remember Sosoliso? Bellview nko? What about the nama dem (cows) wey been burst in Port Harcourt airport and try to enter aeroplane without ticket? Dem no been do investigation for all these things? After investigation, wetin come happen? You know abi? After investigation nothing happen! Our airline dem still no get respect for their customers and fit do us anyhow. Our airport dem still scatter scatter like motor park. We still dey use aeroplane dem wey dem build since the Gowon be Head of State, aeroplane dem wey no dey gree start (like one wey dem report last week; at least that one no go fit kill person), aeroplane dem wey smoke dey come out of where pilot dey siddon, aeroplane dem wey their AC no dey work, and aeroplane dem wey go finally kill us!

We government na him dey in charge of our safety. Government suppose to keep us well. Na government suppose to make sure say we dey follow wetin other country dem wey no dey get aeroplane wahala dey do. And believe me, my guys, no be to encourage people to dey almost do altar call before dem enter plane or to dey shout ‘The blood! The blood!’ when plane shake small o. Dem dey follow proper pattern wey dey make sure say bad thing no happen. If you done fly inside and outside Naija before, then you go know say our own pattern get comma. The pattern wey we dey follow no correct at all at all. The thing wey dey pain me be say e get people wey we dey pay with our government money to make sure say comma no dey our system. The truth be say dem no dey do their work. Na only God know why dem no dey do am. But as Naija people, e never reach time when we go begin dey demand wetin oyibo dey call ‘responsibility’ and ‘accountability’? E get some people wey suppose to dey check say aeroplane dem like this one wey crash so no dey fly for we country at all, but somehow the plane manage fly. We dey hear say this aeroplane wey crash and kill people so done dey get plenty different wahala for some time now and people been dey report say e no go good make the plane fly. But some other people no gree and dem say the plane must fly. Na the fly wey e fly so go send people to heaven (or hell). All these people wey suppose to fit do something about this plane wey for make people no die and dem no do am, no be dem kill the people? If to say dem take gun begin shoot all the people wey die so, the result for different? No be still die? The way I dey see am, na dem kill the people! For other country dem, when people no do wetin dem suppose to do or dem look and comot face and something bad happen, dem dey hold dem responsible. Some time ago, a company for China produce bad baby food wey kill plenty pikin dem. The government catch the big oga dem for the company and take dem go court because of the pikin dem wey die and dem find dem guilty and punish dem. E done reach time wey all of us suppose to begin ask make these people pay for wetin dem do. Because if people begin pay for the result of the yeye and bad work wey dem dey do, some of these nonsense no go happen. I no dey talk about airline people alone o. I dey talk about government and private people wey do bad work and that bad work lead to something wey no suppose to happen.

Also, e get anybody wey done come out come tell us say na him mess up cause this bad thing wey happen so? E get anybody wey dem done ask strong questions about wetin happen so? I no sure but I hear say dem done give somebody by-force leave sha. E get anybody wey done take shame resign him work? Lai lai, dem no go do am. The money wey dem dey chop too sweet. Make hunter shoot dem for leg by mistake!

So, I dey feel very bad for wetin done happen. E for fit be me or you or our friends or relations wey dey inside that plane. E for fit be anybody. People done lose people wey dem love and people wey dem care for. Naija done lose some correct people too. But the problem wey big pass na say after some time, just as we do with Sosoliso and Bellview, we go forget wetin done happen. The investigation wey dem dey talk about go just die quietly and nothing go change. We go continue to dey tell ourselves say we be God pikin and nothing fit happen to us; we go go church after we take the next flight wey do anyhow and we go give testimony how God save us from plane crash because we sing and praise am inside plane; we go hail those people wey suppose to dey look after us but instead dey look after their pockets and we go give them chieftancy titles; we go blame devil for wetin him no even sabi… and as all things like this dey normally happen, we go get another Black Day.

Make the souls of the people wey done go rest in peace, and this time make we do wetin we suppose to do. Make we no forget.

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  1. Investigation na d big word,d govt dey always use deceive us..d tyn way pain me pass 4 diz crash,na nigerians wey go d scene..plane never explode,dem no fit help d passengers,I see video wey person upload..d passengers bn dey hit d window,if u go fit video am,y not help dem!!
    Dear Writer,naija no be am lielie!! Once,india plane crash,no passenger die cos of deir rescue team!!! Make dem arrest d Dana oga,d engineers.,person full family die 4 diz crash!! Make Baba God help d families!!! Cos if my family member follow na new Boko haram bombn go start!!