Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where Our Own Paul?

by Jonas Dogara
For the past few months, I done dey see news from Presidential Primaries wey the American Republican Party dey do. And for the past two weeks, I dey follow am with plenty interest. Recently, Mitt Romney, the  man wey done win the party primaries to contest for president against Barack Obama, choose Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin, to be him running mate.

As you fit already know, American politics no dey directly affect me one way or the other. But I dey follow am with interest because na their system our own resemble pass. Na from dem the ‘wise’ people wey write our Naija Constitution copy plenty things from.  The problem be say, like person wey no read before e enter exam hall and e dey dub from him neighbour, we copy some things upside down and  we forget to copy some other things. That na matter for another day sha….

I never hear of this Paul Ryan guy before, but as dem make am running mate so, plenty tori just dey fall out. Dem say the guy na very sharp guy and him star dey rise quick quick for the party. People like and respect am because him na one of the people wey dey think correct and create policy for the party. In fact, e done come up with plans wey him party believe say go move their economy forward and dem done actually debate these plans for the US Congress.

The interesting part be say, even people wey no dey agree with the way the guy dey think and people wey no dey the same party with am, still dey respect that man. Dem fit no gree wetin him talk but dem know say him get brain wey dey work well for him head. I never hear any gist about him godfathers for the Republican Party or which part of the country him from yet. I dey wait. If CNN no carry that gist, I go tune NTA.

The whole thing make me begin think. Who be the Paul Ryans for Naija politics today? I mean, who be those politicians wey dey siddon and really think about our problems, and the government policies wey suppose dey solve these problems, then come up with their own solutions to these problems if dem no agree with the government own?

I no dey talk about who dey criticize the government o. Because, almost every Nigerian wey no dey chop from government dey criticize government. Even people wey dey chop sef dey criticize quietly when tatafo dem no dey around. I dey talk about people wey dey criticize, point out where government dey fail and tell us how dem go take change the direction wey government dey go. To grumble and complain done become national sport for our country now. I no fit count the number of times I done hear 7-year old children shout ‘This stupid NEPA!’ when light go. We dey start am from small.

Nothing wrong with to grumble and to complain o. Na our right. But on their own, Chief Grumble and Alhaji Complain no dey solve any problem. If we agree say some policies no dey work, then we need new ones wey we believe say go work. That na wetin suppose follow the grumble and complain dem. And that na wetin the politicians wey no dey the ruling party, wey we done already elect, suppose dey do. The opposition parties for Naija suppose dey full of people wey no go gree the government sleep well for night; people wey go make government reason well before dem make any move.

Right now sha, I no know whether na government or opposition dey disappoint me pass. Dem plenty for the National Assembly, but nobody dey hear their voice at all. Anytime serious matter dey to yarn about, e be like say all of dem dey fear to talk make we no remember say dem follow dey share the money there! Sometimes, I dey actually wonder if dem and the government dey actually disagree on policy. All, I dey hear from opposition na how dem go dey ready for the government by 2015 and how e no go easy for government and how government no go rig elections… blah blah blah. The only thing dem never succeed to explain to anybody na why we need to change the PDP. Why we go need to come out for 2015 to vote sef? Because, to change something just because you like change, na mumu be that. Change suppose get some kind meaning. If we dey change, e must be for the better. Otherwise, no need for me to waste my time.

If we all done agree say na through democratic way we go take move this country forward, then we need some Paul Ryan-kind of people and we need dem right now. We need people to begin give us alternatives now. We need people to begin draw that line of difference between wetin we get now and wetin we fit get after the 2015 elections. We also need dem to begin ginger the common man for the streets to see say change dey come and to see the faces of this change wey dey come. If these things no begin happen now, then when 2015 come, even if by miracle, we remove the current government and put new one, e go be the same old wine inside new bottle.

This na yarn wey we done begin talk before today. E no go end today. Make the yarn continue…

For Other Matter…

1.    Dana Air
The Federal Government done give back Dana Air their license to fly for Naija again o. If you been never hear am yet, you dey on a very long thing.

From the reactions wey I see yesterday, e no dey like say most people dey happy about this development, especially after we hear say dem suspend the inquest into the crash. As I done talk before, na issues like this suppose be the bread and butter of the Opposition. This na good time for some opposition politicians to tell us say dem dey feel the people.

Also, e go good to see that Naija man wey go be the first to buy Dana Air flight ticket. I say ‘man’ because I trust our women.… Not their portion!

2.    Trial For Suicide
I hear say Naija Police for Abuja take one man go court because the man attempt to kill himself.

Now, I no be lawyer and I no know where the law dey stand for this kind matter o. But, I think say person wey try to kill himself need help. And I no believe say the kind help the guy need na court case and prison o! Which way Nigeria?

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  1. My broda naija tire me no be small. Our opposition na mumu dem be. Dem even worse pass the ruling party. Dem no go fit talk for the Dana airline, bcos na Tinubu buy Bell View airline come change the name to First Nation Airline.Naija tire me

    1. Something need to happen to ginger the opposition o. Because no be only the government we elect. Na we elect the opposition too.

  2. I don ask this question everywhere before: wey the opposition? Is there a systemic structure for the opposition to notch into? In the UK, there is a full shadow government that eye-balls the fine details of the incumbent. Until then, we will only have complainants (you and I) and mischief makers.

    So nice thoughts here, make we all go think am.

  3. Nice article! E don tey wey I don dey wonder wetin opposition dey do pass to dey complain. Na them suppose they keep the Govt of the day on their toes. If the Govt bring out unfavourable policies, the thing wey dem suppose do na to bring out counter policies and spread am 4 d masses make them read. No be to dey wait 4 2015 come dey tell us say them fit do better.

  4. my brother e good make we dey follow all this talk talk for obodo oyinbo we go get something wey we fut gain from them but thing way me see so na for the republicans to compuond the woes of the average american citizens. as i respect paul reach him and romney fall my hand when dem talk say fact no go dictate wetin dem go do wetin wan be the thing then? me sef dey say four more years for obama from here because he promised less and achieve so much.

    1. Kehinde, personally, I like the Democrats and hope say Obama go win again. But the thing about Paul Ryan be say, even if you no agree with am, you go respect am. Where that kind of opposition politician for Naija? We need the guys with alternatives. Make difference for fit dey so we fit choose.

  5. My broda, na true u talk o. Opposition sef dey wire my head d way den dey behave sef... Nor even talk Dana o. Someone go talk say this government na d best thing wey happen to Naija. Dey nor even dey pretend say den nor like naija people! Haba! We go dey shout dey go o.i just fear dat day when d poor nor go see something chop again and face the rich man on their street! If we dey continue to dey go like this, Jonas, e go happen!

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