Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Man Die

by Jonas Dogara
The Pidgin English language na the best language for the whole universe! Yeah, I know say you no agree, but that one na your own wahala. My own wahala be say, sometimes e dey hard to fit capture everything wey you wan talk, the way you wan talk am, or as you for fit talk am for another language like English or French. This na one of those times wey e be like say one language no do me to yarn my mind. But I go try.

Courtesy: Owain Thomas
I no dey happy. I dey sad. I no dey feel okay. My belle dey turn me. I wan shout for somebody. I wan cry like small pikin. I wan do all these things plus many more... But no matter how I write am, you no fit still understand complete how e dey do me now. And instead of me to do any of those things wey dey hungry me to do, I siddon here dey joke with my friends and colleagues, dey smile….

I dey smile, because even inside all the bad feelings wey I dey get, the pictures and videos of the good times still dey pass through my mind. I dey remember the small small wayo (alias magic) wey been dey make me laugh and happy when I dey small; the sweets, chocolate and biscuits; all the message dem wey I always dey happy to go; some of the craze food dem wey we dey chop, like akamu and dried pepper; when I dey learn how to drive, my misperformance dem and the plenty laugh wey we laugh; the stories about interesting places wey I never go and people wey I no go ever meet; the stories of a young man wey dem force to fight during the Nigerian Civil War and when e get chance e throway gun and run leave the fight; all the second-hand Rothmans smoke wey I inhale.

I no be Nostradamus, fortune-teller, dibia, babalawo, T.B. Joshua or God. So, I no fit really see the future. I dey sure say all the drinking and smoking no help at all because dem dey actually kill too. But e get one small part of me wey dey think say, if to say the people wey dey in charge of our hospitals do wetin dem suppose do, when dem suppose do am, maybe… just maybe, I no go dey write this piece now.

On Monday (1st October), I vex for the kind health care wey the government dey provide us for Naija. I show that vex in plenty ways, and one of those ways na to write for my blog about my uncle wey dem rush go Braithwaite Memorial Hospital, Port Harcourt, on Friday (28th September) morning and for three days, no consultant come see am to read the results of the tests wey dem do. So, on Tuesday (2nd October) dem finally come see am, diagnose and begin give am the drugs wey dem suppose give am, and all of us begin dey hope say e go well.

The man die this morning.

Na the man wey dey responsible for all the things wey I dey remember now and many more wey I go dey remember as time dey pass.

To you wey dey read this article, for how long we go continue to dey tolerate corruption and the corrupt system wey dey make us poor and lead us and our fellow citizens to untimely deaths either through violence (by the security services and criminals) or through a health care system wey no dey work? Till strong thing happen to you?

To my uncle, if you fit read this thing where you dey, then know say even though the country never change now, we wey dey here must change am. I also want you to know say if family go still dey for that side wey you dey now, then you go still be my uncle. I dey miss you already. I dey even miss that smell of Rothmans for your house. And if Rothmans dey that place, then just dey smoke dey go. If money finish, just buy some on credit and when I come, I go pay.

Adieu Bro.

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  1. I'm really sorry for ur loss man...its sad and i hope the country and system changes so we don't have to get more sad situations and stories like this

    1. Thanks Chief. We get to change. E no suppose continue like this.

  2. Sorry for your loss. I pray a day will come when people would regret their actions and learn from mistakes.
    I just dey wonder how the initial doctor go dey feel.

    1. Thanks bro. But I no think say these docs dey 'feel' something. Otherwise, dem no go dey render this very important service the way dem dey render am now. My mum wey stay for the hospital until the end dey tell me say the number of deaths wey dem dey record daily for the Casualty Ward dey almost make am feel like say na the natural gateway to mortuary be dat.

  3. Omo mehn! I dey feel wetin u dey feel. I sabi dat feeling well well wey person go dey find cry e no go see am.

    Na so craze tins dey happen for we contri and na di 'I no send' attitude wey we people get na hin dey cause am.

    Abeg take heart broda

  4. May his soul RIP......Hopefully, Nigeria will get better; The change starts with You and I.....Ireteeh

    1. Amen. You correct. E must start from us as individuals. Thanks.

  5. I'm sorry for your loss dear. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  6. I no fit talk for hia sef. I dey speechless, i dey cry the cry for you hia.

  7. The story I just read here na very sad one. I dey very sorry for your lose. Make you take heart (though, this one na belated sorry I dey talk).
    As sad as e dey, the thing wey you write here na the same thing wey dey happen for Naija every day to our brothers and sisters (and even to us sometimes).
    Somebody bin dey tell me of our mutual friend wey just die. The guy die for hospital because of malaria and no other complications. This na after he don spend four days for the same hospital, hospitalized for the same malaria.
    Sometimes, you go show for some of those government hospitals, you go spend the whole day for the “waiting room” waiting to see the doctor. And sometimes, you no go see am the first day or even the second day.
    Dem go rush somebody go hospital as an emergency case, the nurses and the doctors no go do anything until you buy the hospital card and deposit extra money for treatment. For one case, one person (“rusher”) rush another come hospital as emergency, the nurses no gree receive the patient until the “rusher” go buy cards and meet other requirements for the hospital. Na then when the nurses don sure say the all the protocols don complete, dem invite the doctor wey come tell them say the person don die. Say make the same “rusher” go arrange ambulance we go take the dead patient to the mortuary.
    And inside all this troubles, our leaders dey go quarterly medical checkup abroad (no be from their pockets o! Na we dey pay). And the recent one, dem break mace for one lawmaker head, blood no even comot, dem fly am go UK for medical treatment. And our political leader enter plane fly abroad go visit am for the hospital come dey show us. The same political leaders go catch on person wey dey sick and homeless, their goodwill the person go be to hire moto to drive am go him village make he go die their (so that our streets will be clean). I dey vex pass you my broad.